Submit & Continue registering?

Hi everyone,

just a quetion: Is there any chance to have a “submit and continue” button on an add action form of cakephp 3.5?

You can try any of the ff:

  1. Use a UI that separates the form into sections/tabs and show the next step after the previos is completed. The submit button on the last step/stage will then submit to CakePHP.

  2. Separate the steps into views, show on at a time - submitting a step would lead to another stage/view (eac submission would then be saved in a Session index … until the last stage/view.
    Finally in your controller (on the submit function), recall the the values in the session index and run the necessary processing on the submitted data

Let’s know if that will help

ok. “nuelibikunle”, thanks a lot. It worked perfect to my needs.