SQL WHERE problem

Hi everybody !
I’m using CakePHP 2 and I have a table named Sales and 3 rows named Seller, Buyer and Price.

In a HTML page, I display the result of this query in a HTML table in myview.ctp :

public function myview() {
    $this->set('mysales', $this-Sales>find('all', 
    array('sum(price)AS total','group' => array('seller_name','buyer_name'))));

In each line where the result is displayed, there’s a link which send the seller name and the buyer name of the line clicked and will help creating a PDF with the sale details :

<?php echo $this->Html->link("PDF", array(
    "controller" => "name of controller",
    "action"     => "myview_pdf",
    "?" => array(
       "seller_name0" => $thesales['Sales']['seller_name'],
       "buyer_name0" => $thesales['Sales']['buyer_name']
 )); ?>

I got this function in the controller which receives the seller and buyer names of the line clicked :

public function myview_pdf(){

    $this->set('seller_name1', $this->request->query("seller_name0"));
    $this->set('buyer_name1', $this->request->query("buyer_name0")); 

Now I want to do this SQL query :

SELECT detail1_of_sale, detail2_of_sale, detail3_of_sale, detail4_of_sale
FROM sales
WHERE seller_name = 'seller_name1', buyer_name = 'buyer_name1'

Which I hope will help me display the details of the sale involving seller_name1 and buyer_name1

What I tried to do is this (in the controller, function myview_pdf) :

$this->set('mysales', $this->Sales->find('all',
                'fields' => array('detail1_of_sale','detail2_of_sale','detail3_of_sale','detail4_of_sale'),
                'conditions' => array(
                    'seller_name' => $seller_name1, 
                    'AND' => array(
                            'buyer_name' => $buyer_name1

I don’t know if it’s a syntax mistake or what it just tells me that $seller_name1 and $buyer_name1 are undefined variables.

Note : When I take off the conditions, the $seller_name1 and $buyer_name1 are displayed correctly in myview_pdf.ctp with a simple echo.

Thanks for your help !

Instead of variables $seller_name1 and $buyer_name1, use $this->request->query(“seller_name0”) and $this->request->query(“buyer_name0”) like:

'condtitions' => array(
   'seller_name' => $this->request->query("seller_name0"),
   'buyer_name' => $this->request->query("buyer_name0")

Thanks for you reply !
I tried your solution and it seems to work but only the seller name is displayed, I can’t display the buyer name whereas I do the same code for both.