SpeedUp of CakePHP and Page Load

I am using CakePHP version 3.6 and PHP version 7.2. I implemented one page that has more than 110 record on page load time and all data coming from the database with ajax request so this reason my page loading time and site speed are very slow.
need your help what I should do now…
Thank You in advance

110 records are not that many. Make sure you are using indexes and writing efficient queries.

Also how many JS libraries are loaded, that can make a difference. Have you compiled assets.

Thank you @jimgwhit for your reply,
Yes, I use indexes and also wrote a proper query for fetching data and printing in table format form and 110 is just the total row

Please show query, 110 should be very fast.

But, depending on what debugging is used, it could slow it down.

Try setting all for production and see how fast. But remember to switch back to dev.

There can be many things that affect this.

  • How long do the queries run?
  • Do you use OPCache?-
  • Is the page load itself (eg. the time it takes for the page itself before the AJAX) take long or the AJAX calls?
  • What do you call “slow”?
  • etc.