[SOLVED] Pagination by sort error

Pagination by sort gives me the error:
strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, int given
Tested with: Cakephp 4.4.7, php 7.4
CORE\src\Datasource\Paging\NumericPaginator.php line 607

Can you post your ->paginate() method? It should look like this:

$this->paginate($query, ['order' => ['MyTable.name' => 'asc']])

or if you use the controller property something like this

class ArticlesController extends AppController
    public $paginate = [
        'order' => [
            'MyTable.name' => 'asc'

See Pagination - 4.x

Order type was missing in my code:
'order' => ['MyTable.name']