[Solved][CakePHP3] Namespaces in Migrations/Seeds

I’m running phpcs against my app using the default CakePHP rules. The rules wants a namespace for the migrations/seeds classes, but if I set one (I tried namespace Migrations;, App, App\Migrations and other possible combinations of Migration/s and App), then the migrations/seed process crashes because it can’t find the class in the file. (Could not find class "LanguagesSeed" in file "/var/www/html/config/Seeds/LanguagesSeed.php")

Any idea on a proper namespace to use ? I don’t want to change the ruleset only for those files…

Migrations is just a wrapper for phinx
But it cannot load namespaced migrations (see issue #756)

Thank you, that explains it all !

I removed .config from the phpcs pathes for now.