Smooth transition to anchor point - html and css only

Hello all.

Within the CMS of my website I’m trying to code a link that smoothly scolls the visitor to a point lower on the page.

This all has to be done with only html and css. Here’s the page:

The link to be placed under the social button menu - just a simple downward arrow symbol that changes on hover.

On click the page simply rolls upwards smoothly to the main section.

So far googling this has not delivered a workable solution without JS or JQuery. This I cannot use to code pages in the CMS.

Many thanks.


A very quick search for 'scroll to anchor css` gave me this: which is exactly what you want :slight_smile:

Hello there - yes I found this one too and have been struggling with getting this code to work for my page. Looks like I’ll have to keep on it…

Nevertheless, appreciate your getting back to me.



I’ve done this so far but it’s not smooth and other content is disappearing … to be continued…