Silent Log-in (CakePHP 2.4.2)


I have a quite simple problem for a cakephp script.

I have a basic login-script in: example,org
Additionally there is a cake-script in: example,org/christmas/

The basic script stores the user’s email and an hashed password in a custom MySQL-Session-DB.

Now I need a silent log-in for my cake-script (third party).


  • How to create a silent login that is based on an email and a hashed password?
    – how to log-in without a plain password?

I have already made sure that my cake-script uses the same hashing-script as my login.

What means silent login?
What will be user able to after login?
What script will use user after login basic or Cake?
Basic script - you means plain PHP?

  • silent login means automatic login after registration via main login (not cake)

when visiting a cake-script in root/example/index.php
root: yes, plain php
example: cakephp
index: cakephp

  • the registered visitor gets access to all functions of the cake-app (except of admin-rights).

  • my idea is to check the login status on each visit of webroot/index.php and, if session is not set, to redirect the user to the basic login.