Showing contact form on front end

Hi all,

I have recently been given a CakePHP website to manage having never worked on CakePHP before.

My client is asking me to create a new form and show it on the front end. I have created a form in the CMS called ‘testing’ and am trying to show it on the front end with the following code:

<?= $this->Captcha->replaceStart('testing') ?>


<?= $this->Captcha->formEnd(); ?>

I have created the ‘name’ field in the CMS under the testing form, but nothing shows on the front end.

There is an existing form called ‘Contact form’ which shows with the following code:

<?= $this->Captcha->replaceStart('contact') ?>


<?= $this->Captcha->formEnd(); ?>

I don’t understand what i’m missing. It must be something to do with the form name? Any advise would be appreciated!


CakePHP is not a CMS, it’s an application framework that could be used to build a CMS.

So the CMS you have there is custom code that nobody here has any insight on (if the source is public, please link it), making it unfortunately pretty hard to impossible to help you, as nothing what you’re showing there is built-in CakePHP core functionality.