Should I move to Version 4?

I spent quite some time a couple of winters ago upgrading from version 2 to version 3.
I’m now wondering if I should upgrade to version 4.

I’d like to canvass some opinions on:

  1. What practical advantages might I get from upgrading, and
  2. How difficult is it to do? (I found 1 to 2 was very easy, 2 to 3 was very difficult).

Any opinions and practical experiences would be welcome, thank you.

Yes, the update from 2 to 3 is difficult due to the new ORM. Updating to 4 should be vastly easier. The main functional thing that’s changed (depending on exactly which version of 3 you’re using) is that all the stuff that’s deprecated in v3 is removed in v4. So, turn on deprecation notices, run v3, and fix all of those. Once that’s done, updating to 4 should be straight forward.

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