Select the records that have not been translated



I am currently working on a project with version 3.7 of CakePHP.

In this project I use Google Cloud Translation API to automatically translate some information into multiple languages.

The information to be translated is retrieved from an external database and before saving this information, it is translated.
Some times The Google Cloud Translation API returns a NULL result and to not block the import of data we record the information without translation.

I would like to know if it is possible in CakePHP to select recordings that have no translation and/or are not translated into some languages?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english.


So, you want to know if you can do a query that returns records where the translation field is null?



Yes, I’m trying to find out how to make a request to display translations with fields is NULL.

Thank you.


Have you written any queries at all in CakePHP? If not, you should look at the documentation and tutorials to learn this very basic knowledge. If you have written queries, then this is just like any other, your condition would be something like 'translation IS' => null.