Save Cookie - write (AJAX)

I’m trying to save cookies with and I’m not getting it, it even returns with the $ this->read() function, but it does not save the cookie in the browser. No error is shown, just does not work. I am sending the data by ajax to a controller and it is calling the current component.

    namespace Cake\Controller\Component;
use Cake\Controller\Component;
use Cake\Controller\Component\CookieComponent;

class StepsComponent extends CookieComponent {
    public function criarStep($dataCookie, $StepCurrent) {
        $this->configKey($StepCurrent, [
            'path' => '/',
            'expires' => '+10 days',
            'httpOnly' => false,
            'encryption' => false
        $this->write($StepCurrent, [$dataCookie]);
        return $this->read($StepCurrent);