Routing and Plugin error

I have a plugin named “medias”.
It works fine and is not the heart of the problem.
I have an admin menu with various links to articles, categories, tags and (plugin) medias etc.
Link to “medias” is :
<?= $this->Html->link(__('Medias Manager'), ['plugin' => 'Medias', 'controller' => 'Dossiers', 'action' => 'home']) ?>
When my current session expires, if I click the medias link, I am redirected to :
but it should be :

This menu worked perfectly in 3.3.
I am trying to update to 3.8 and came across this problem.

Wherever you’re declaring the login link to be used for unauthenticated access, add 'plugin' => false. If you’re building menus anywhere, you may need to do the same with all of those links.

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Thank you for not sleeping any time :slight_smile: