Retrieve related entity data in entity

Hi, I use CakePHP 4.

I have two related classes, addresses and nations for the tables:
Addresses (FK nation_id)

I have created an virtual field _getFullAddress() in the Address entitiy and want to display the name of the realted Nation. Is this possible? How can I access the related entity data in an entity file?


If you retrieve your addresses so that they contain Nations, then the data will be available for your _getFullAddress() method on $this->nation in your Address entity.

//In Address entity, something like this
public function _getFullAddress() {
  return $this->city . ' ' .$this->nation->name;

If you neglect to contain Nations the method will throw an error so you might want to work out a way to guarantee Address entities always contain the expected data or make your entity method tolerate missing contained data.

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Thanks! I did not understand where I have to use contain so that the data is available in the entity file (e.g. in the Controller where I use $tmp->address->full_address) … simple as that; problem solved!