Remove formatted HTML rich text editor in view ctp

good afternoon and happy launch, I’ve trouble while display output in view.ctp.
While I’m entry use rich text editor Simditor is successfull works, then save to table MySQL is successfull works.

The screenshot below while start entry article use Simditor

and success save to table MySQL below this


The result in view ctp below this

The questions is how to remove code HTML in display view ctp. Cause with current display contain code HTML doesn’t look userfriendly, dizzy and confused.

Thanx for someone that want to help me fix it,

Hello arizzoye,
This is so simple use php function strip_tags() function that’s it. :wink: :blush:

Why are you using a WYSIWYG editor, if you don’t want to use the HTML that people provide in that control? Do you want to throw away the formatting, or do you want to output it with the formatting applied? If the latter, then your view is presumably using something like echo h($entity->content), just change that to echo $entity->content.

thankx mr.Zuluru and mr.Spadex, the function of strip_tags() is successfull works. I just have learned in

the truely that I want output is equal to wysywyg contain indent paragraph, bold, itallic, so the output in my article look beautiy and easy to reading.

But I feel happy so that the function trim(strip_tags($entity)) could prevent xss attack.
once again thanx for mr.Zulur and mr.Spadex have guide me :grinning: