Redirect 301 in htaccess

Hi everybody,

I am using an old version of cakephp (V2). For the website I have created, i enable pageSpeed module of appache. The problem is that google crawled pages adding at the end of urls ?PageSpeed=noscript
This is a huge concern because it generated duplicated contents.

I solve one part of the issue adding before the canonical meta tag tag. If i do not add the before the canonical meta tag, it was impossible to remove the ?PageSpeed=noscript at the end of the url of the meta tag canonical.

The second part is to redirect 301 all the urls with ?PageSpeed=noscript at the end to url without the ?PageSpeed=noscript at the end.

Do you know how to do that properly in .htaccess files of cakephp.

Many thanks in advance for your help.
Apologize for my approximate english.