Reason for using view Elements

I use view elements because:

  1. General readability. For example the Customer view has tabs for different aspects, address, x forms, y forms, enquiries. So I would separate into elements - less noise in the view.

  2. Sometimes the editor slows down with a huge view file. So I would tend to put certain groups into their own element, for example if there are tabs, I’d put all the tab content in an element.

  3. Reduce merge issues. Instead of a massive block(s), you just have an issue with a single line element call.

  4. As a reusable element.

Would appreciate some thoughts on these points?

Those are all good reasons to use elements :slightly_smiling_face:.

Seems fine to me as well :slight_smile:
they are pretty much the exact reasons why you would want to use Elements in the first place.