Quickly editing data in a join table

I’ve got a belongsToMany relationship between a table named Scouts and a table named Merit_Badges. It is set with a through key since there is data in the join table as well.

One of the columns in the join table is a boolean, called completed. I’d like to create a matrix or spreadsheet type view to be able to quickly edit this field for a number of records. In other words, I’d like the columns to be Merit_Badges and the rows to be Scouts and to have check box in each cell that the user can quickly check.

I’m not really sure where to begin on this. Could any of you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I did something similar through ajax with a “confirm” box.
It works perfectly.

I think the most difficult part will be to associate a certain checkbox with a certain record in your cross table. I hope there is someone with example code that can help you here.
I am not aware of a way to extrapolate data from the NAME of a parameter (like parameter check_1_1 stands for the checkmark between scout 1 and badge 1).
Alternatively, reading out all parameters at once would give you all the checkmarks in order and you could process them through a foreach loop.
Good luck.