Proble with UTF-8 encoding cakephp 3.x


I’m creating an app with cake and I have a problem with the type-encoding:utf-8. This one not working!
I need help to solve this problem for my app work in spanish language.


Where it isn’t working? On translations, database, other?

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Hi! It’s not working in the same html. I don’t use translations, and the database is working correctly.

Which IDE are you using? Are your php, ctp and html files being generated in UTF-8? You can use notepad++ to check if they are.

Show your code.
CakePHP is full supports utf, I never had any problems with this.

I guess his problems is because his IDE is creating files with ANSI encoding.

Thanks gildonei!!

I’ve changed the files encoding to UTF-8 and the problem is fixed.

I’m using Eclipse IDE for PHP and files was creating in default encoding Cp1252. I was going crazy…

Thanks everyone!!

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