Policy Bug no restriction happened even if it has implemented!

Hellow good day! has anyone encountered a policy bug? where in the last time your policy for restrictions to users work perfectly then suddenly the next day all restriction access is gone even if the code is there in the policy to prevent someone to access certain things? it would be very helpful for me and also to the community to be aware of this happening

Please provide more informations on what you are using.

CakePHP doesn’t have 1 policy/authorization plugin but many different ways how you can implement such “restrictions”.

Hellow I’m sorry for the lack of information.
im using the plugin Authorization, Authentication and followed your tutorial on youtube. the cakephp version im using is cakephp 4 and heres the code from user controller and my user policy.

the codes works fine yesterday and the restrictions works perfectly. yet it seems right now it doesn’t apply the restrictions. i was wondering what happened. thank you for having time to see this message.

here are some addition information in the relation of my table users and roles that might be useful

Update !!

I’ve change couple of conditions in the policy and fixed it. now its working again. i was just wondering why did it work yesterday and not work now.

Seems it wasn’t the frameworks fault in the first place :wink: