Please enable Discourse Dark Mode

As far as I have seen the “Dark Mode” feature is built into discourse core and only needs to be enabled.

Would be awesome if a Discourse Admin would enable this feature so users can set their desired design :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So are there no discourse admins online in 9 days? :frowning_face:

They’ll probably not read all the posts… tagging the admin ( @markstory ) is probably the best way to bring attention to someone who can do something about it.

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I wasn’t aware of who the admin was (and that there was a moderator group in discourse at all)
But I can understand what you mean and thx for the tag :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve enabled our current theme as a dark mode option. I’ve not tested it though, and assume it will be unreadable based on the current colors.

This is the current colour set we have. If darkmode isn’t readable I would appreciate some help in picking more appropriate colours, as I don’t have the bandwidth right now to redesign discourse.

Well now that CakePHP Colors Theme can be selected but thats the only selectable option there.

Also there is now a checkbox which should enable the “dark mode” automatically depending on something (maybe system dark mode setting?)

I will try to get some options for discourse dark mode themes

I looked at Auto-switch between discourse's light and dark theme - Meta Discussion - JuliaLang which seems to have a default dark mode.

  • Primary: #ddd
  • Secondary: #222
  • Tertiary: #425bca
  • Quaternary: #d33d44
  • Header Background: #111
  • Header Primary: #ddd

These may be suitable for a dark theme

@markstory would be awesome if you could adjust these colors :smiley:

Ok. Dark mode colour scheme has been added. It isn’t perfect but its a good start.

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@markstory thanks, that seems to work! I just forgot to disable my Enable automatic dark mode color scheme checkbox which results in the fact, that both Color Schemas are dark for me.

Anyways, it seems like the major blue color now comes from the Tertiary: #425bca
Seems like I have chosen a wrong color for that. :sweat:

My new suggestion would be to swap Tertiary with Quaternary

  • Tertiary: #d33d44
  • Quaternary: #425bca

With that the major accent color is red.

I’ve swapped the colours around as you suggested but the blue was still dark. I found a lighter blue and red in the CSS for the book and swapped those in.

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Ah yes, this is definitely easier on the eyes. Thank you so much! :bowing_man: