Paginator template with Bootsrap problem with sort()


Currently using paginator sort link inside a bootstrap list like this :

  • Filtrer les résultats de recherche pour les tweets.
  • <?= $this->Paginator->sort('created','  Les plus anciens',['escape' => false,'direction' => 'asc', 'lock' => true]);?>
  • <?= $this->Paginator->sort('created','  Les plus récents',['escape' => false,'direction' => 'desc', 'lock' => true]);?>
  • <?= $this->Paginator->sort('nb_partage','  Les plus partagés',['escape' => false,'direction' => 'desc', 'lock' => true]);?>
  • <?= $this->Paginator->sort('nb_like','  Les plus likés',['escape' => false,'direction' => 'desc', 'lock' => true]);?>
  • <?= $this->Paginator->sort('nb_commentaire','  Les plus commentés',['escape' => false,'direction' => 'desc', 'lock' => true]);?>

I’m also using a paginator template like this


return [
‘sort’ => ‘{{text}}’,


When I click on a link, it correctly displays the page and the clicked link changes class thanks to bootstrap,but not for the first two links that change classes both, all the other links work perfectly.

This is because they both sort on 'created'.

Is it possible to differentiate them so that when we click on the first or second, it changes the class not the other, as for other links.