Pagination - upgrade from CakePHP 4.3 to 4.4

I am upgrading to CakePHP 4.4, and the Paginator component I was using previously has been deprecated.

I am using the pagination on a controller that’s meant for an API endpoint, which means, I have no templates because I’m using a JSON view:

    public function initialize(): void


In CakePHP 4.3, I used to be able to call $this->Paginator->getPagingParams() to access the page count, which I was then outputting together with my results, IE:

    public function list(int $limit = 10, int $page = 1)
        $query = $this->People->find('visible')
            ->order(['lastname' => 'ASC']);

        $paginateSettings = [
            'limit' => $limit,
            'page' => $page,
            'maxLimit' => 100

        $this->set('people', $this->paginate($query, $paginateSettings));

        $this->set('page', $page);
        $pagingParams = $this->Paginator->getPagingParams();
        $this->set('pages', $pagingParams['People']['pageCount']);

            ->setOption('serialize', ['people', 'page', 'pages']);

This was working perfectly, allowing me to use the page and pages on the client side to navigate the pagination.

Where can I find the total number of pages now? Am I supposed to use the PaginatorHelper? I see from the documentation that it has a total method.
However, how can I access that in a controller? I’ve tried adding ->addHelper('Paginator') both to my initialize and beforeRender methods in the controller but I still can’t access $this->Paginator.
Is this the right way, and I’m somehow doing it wrong? Or is there another way to get the total number of pages that the paginator is creating without using PaginatorHelper?

I was literally about to ask the exact same question… so rather than post my own I’ll keep an eye out for answers. :slight_smile:

I may have found the answer, use this:

$paginationParams = $this->request->getAttribute('paging');

Last paragraph in this section of the cookbook: Pagination - 4.x