Pagination for Comments

Hey, is it also possible to create a Pagination for Comments that belong to an Article?

right now they can be accessed like:


and i do:

<?php foreach ($article->comments as $key => $comment) { ?>

but if there are hundrets of Comments that will not work anymore…

how can i limit this pagination to 5 for example?

$comments = $this->paginate($this->Comments
->contain([‘Users’, ‘Users.Profiles’])
->where([‘article_id =’ => $id]))

because this is not working.

here it is working: $this->set(‘articles’,$this->paginate($articles,[‘limit’=>‘3’]));
but its a different syntax…

In your first example, you’re passing a query in to paginate, which is overriding the limit with its own default. In the second case, you’re explicitly telling paginate what the limit should be. So:

$query = $this->Comments
    ->contain([‘Users’, ‘Users.Profiles’])
    ->where([‘article_id =’ => $id]);
$comments = $this->paginate($query, ['limit' => 5]);

should work as expected. (You can do it all without the $query variable; I separated it to make it clearer what is doing what.)