Paginate condition


I’d like to search multiple items copied from excel. These skus are separated by empty space. Search result is always empty because each condition should be OR not AND. How can I change pagenate condition from AND to OR?

Query Result
SELECT *, FROM parent_products AS ParentProduct WHERE LIKE ‘%na301mo%’ AND LIKE ‘%gf001bh%’ AND LIKE ‘%cc302bf%’ LIMIT 10

search values
na301mo gf001bh cc302bf

if (empty($results)) {
$this->paginate[‘conditions’] = $this->ParentProduct->resetConditions($searchStr, ‘multi-skus’);
$results = $this->paginate(‘ParentProduct’);

public function resetConditions($searchStr, $opt) {
if ($opt == ‘multi-skus’) {
$conditions = array();
$searchStr = preg_replace(’!\s+!’, ’ ‘, $searchStr);
$search_terms = explode(’ ', $searchStr);
foreach ($search_terms as $search_term) {
$conditions[] = array($this->name . ‘.sku LIKE’ => ‘%’ . $search_term . ‘%’);

Version. 1.3x

Please advise.
Thank you

This should guide you some what in the right direction:

I have solved this issue by adding [‘OR’] into function resetConditions() as follows.

$conditions[‘OR’][] = array($this->name . ‘.sku LIKE’ => $st . ‘%’);

Thank you for your help!