Not creating cookie EncryptedCookieMiddleware ,Cakephp 4

I followed documentation but no success.
I set following

$middlewareQueue->add(new CorsMiddleware($this))
            ->add(new EncryptedCookieMiddleware(
            ->add(new AuthenticationMiddleware($this))
            ->add(new AuthorizationMiddleware($this));
 <!-- in /templates/Users/login.php -->
<div class="users form">
    <?= $this->Flash->render() ?>
    <?= $this->Form->create() ?>
        <legend><?= __('Please enter your username and password') ?></legend>
        <?= $this->Form->control('email', ['required' => true]) ?>
        <?= $this->Form->control('password', ['required' => true]) ?>
        <div class="form-group form-check">
            <input type="checkbox" class="form-check-input" id="remember-me" name="remember_me">
            <label class="form-check-label" for="remember-me">Check me out</label>
    <?= $this->Form->submit(__('Login')); ?>
    <?= $this->Form->end() ?>

just add this code in your login functions

$cookie = [‘username’=>’’, ‘password’=>’’, ‘remember_me’=>0];
if ($this->Cookie->read(‘cq_remember_me’)) {
$cookie = $this->Cookie->read(‘cq_remember_me’);
Then check

// if remember_me
if($this->request->getData(‘remember_me’) == 1) {
$this->Cookie->write(‘cq_remember_me’, $this->request->getData());
else {

check your ctp as my given code

<?= $this->Form->control('username', ['label'=>'Email address', 'type'=>'email', 'class'=>'form-control', 'required' => true, 'value' => $cookie['username'], 'placeholder'=>'Email','oninput'=>'this.value=this.value.toLowerCase()']); ?>
<div class="form-group">
	<?= $this->Form->control('password', ['class'=>'form-control', 'value' => $cookie['password'], 'placeholder'=>'Password']); ?>
<div class="checkbox">
	<?= $this->Form->checkbox('remember_me', ['checked' => $cookie['remember_me']]); ?> Remember Me

Tnx for your reply.
I just try to make it in middleware as in documentation cakephp 4.

Seems you’ve added the cookie middleware, but not the cookie authenticator.

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How to use cookie authenticator? There is not much things in documentation.

The AuthenticationMiddleware will call your src/Application.php getAuthenticationService() method and this is where you configure your Authentication (including installing the cookie authenticator).

This example shows how to add authenticators

This diagram will give you an idea of how the AuthenticationMiddleware manages the process AuthenticationMiddleware: overview of version 2.0

Once you’ve added all the authenticators and identifiers, each authenticator will try to confirm the request by using each identifier. Once a combination succeeds, the attempts ends and the request proceeds.