New Project, which version?

Hi comunity, I’m starting a new project in the next few days where I’ll use cakephp as a backend api for an app. Should I use 3.6 or 3.7RC already? About 4.0, this won’t be released this year I assume?

Depending on what function your project will fulfill, you can decide which version you can use.

  • is it for production (eg. your business relying on it)? use 3.6 as it’s the current stable branch.
  • is it to test new features (or just a project that has no real value outside of fun or a demo)? then use 3.7RC, as it’s a Release Candidate (a.k.a should be stable in a while).
  • is it to help the development of 4.x (or just a project that may break all over the place due to bugs or glitches)? well… then use 4.0 obviously.

Personally, I’d stick with the stable branches as much as possible unless I have a specific reason for using a non-stable branch (which is extremely rarely for me).

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Thank you, I’ll stick with 3.6 then.