Minify js scripts via php

is it possible to somehow minify the javascript that I connect to the block?

    $('.js-add-to-cart').on('click', function(e) {

You can use something like GitHub - tedious/JShrink: Javascript Minifier built in PHP and output the JS minified like that.

But rather than doing that via PHP (and therefore on every request) I would rather recommend you look into something like Installation | Laravel Mix Documentation

It is very easy to setup locally and you can use modern SCSS and JS (ES6+) to generate minified versions of your CSS and JS.

Then you only have to embed those minified files.

You can also look at GitHub - ishanvyas22/asset-mix: Provides helpers functions for CakePHP to use Laravel Mix.

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Static Files like JS and CSS (which don’t change regularely) should be cachable so the browser doesn’t have to load them on every request. Thats also a reason why to not embed JS directly in your HTML.

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Thank you! I try it.