Loading Associations under table model


Loading Associations i have three table Artwork_Image, Users, Interests i want following result

Select Interests.id, Artwork_Images, Users.fname, Users.email,Artwork_Images.created from Artwork_Images, Users, Interests
Where Interests.Artwork_Images_id = Artwork_Images.Artwork_image_id
and Interests.User_id - Users.id

i want above result in following code plz. help me in this i am new to cakephp thanks in advance

public function findEnquiryByAlpha(\Cake\ORM\Query $query, array $options){

            'Users'         => ['fields' => ['Users.id']],
            'ArtworkImages' => ['fields' => ['ArtworkImages.id']],
        // TODO: Enable below condition to get artists that belong to particular user

    return $query;