Load model in component

How to load a model in a component correctly? So I can use this call:

$settings = $this->Settings->get(1);

Thank you

You can always use TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('Settings') from anywhere to get the Settings table.

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I have annotation:

 * @property \App\Model\Table\SettingsTable $Settings
 * @method \App\Model\Entity\Setting[]|\Cake\Datasource\ResultSetInterface paginate($object = null, array $settings = [])

And then how to make an annotation to tell me the columns?
This above works if I call this:

$settings = $this->Settings->get(1);

If I use your example, it doesn’t tell me the columns.

If you use Cake\Datasource\ModelAwareTrait;, you’ll be able to use $this->loadModel('Settings'). But autocomplete, while nice, isn’t the final arbitrator of what you can do. Up to you to decide whether that developer convenience is worth the extra code required for it.

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Thank you, it works!