Linking Models on Fly

Hello, I am creating two models on the fly, these models are related by a field, I am trying to relate them but it seems that I was not taking the parameters that I am passing to the moment of creating the model, look;

$mainDboObject = new Model();
$mainDboObject->name = ‘MainTable’;
$mainDboObject->alias = ‘MainTable’;
$mainDboObject->useDbConfig = ‘db1’;
$mainDboObject->useTable = $value;
$mainDboObject->primaryKey = ‘id’;

            $DiscDboObject = new Model();
            $DiscDboObject->name = 'DiscTable';
            $DiscDboObject->alias = 'DiscTable';
            $DiscDboObject->useDbConfig = 'db1';
            $DiscDboObject->useTable = 'C1_' . $value;
            $DiscDboObject->primaryKey = 'id';


$mainDboObject->hasOne = array(
‘DiscTable’ => array(
‘className’ => ‘DiscTable’,
‘foreignKey’ => ‘INDICE’,

$mainDboObject->find(‘first’, array(
‘contain’ => array(
‘DiscTable’ => array(
‘fields’ => array(

I GET THIS: Error: Table disc_tables for model DiscTable was not found in datasource default.

Somebody?? I’m using cakephp 2.9

Here’s the documentation on how to link a model on the fly.

Read that first.

In Cake2.x you get a model from the registry: ClassRegistry::init(‘YourModel’); Doing that. I would not try newing one up on my own.

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The main question is WHY you want to create models on the fly?

Thanks a lot!

Solve using the option joins the set of options at the time of the query and it was not necessary to make the relation explicitly in the model.


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