Link not working in IOS

I’m just starting with CakePHP but having trouble when running this script. this link not working in ios :

echo $this->Html->link($this->Html->filterSuspiciousWords($this->Html->cText($project[‘Project’][‘name’], false), $project[‘Project’][‘detected_suspicious_words’]), array(
‘controller’ => ‘projects’,
‘action’ => ‘view’,
‘admin’ => false
), array(
‘escape’ => false,
‘class’ => ‘tab-a-clr’,
‘title’ => $this->Html->filterSuspiciousWords($this->Html->cText($project[‘Project’][‘name’], false), $project[‘Project’][‘detected_suspicious_words’])

Does it work on a normal desktop/laptop?
Also, what is not working about it?
What did you expect and what did you get?

Yes, it’s a normal on dekstop/laptop and also on android device.
link to product it’s not working on ios device.

like this :
tes 2

but it’s not working in ios

sorry like this : <
a href="/project/tes-2" class=“tab-a-clr” title=“tes 2”>tes 2</a

Weird, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the link by itself…
I think the error lies in your CSS…

I also think like that. is it therefore a relative path?

how can i get the absolute path link from my link?

The link refers to an absolute path yes.
/project/tes-2 is absolute, if it would be project/tes-2 then it would be relative.

But I think the issue lies within the CSS (styling) of your link itself.
It might be that the hyperlink itself doesn’t show up at the right place or that there is something on top of it preventing it from being clicked.

Maybe it’s an overkill for your purposes but you could remote debug your iOS-device.
Then you clearly see what’s going on. Is the ressource not accessible? Is the link-event not being triggered.
Nowdays debugging Safari mobile is even possible on win and linux machines.

Are you using something like browserstack to verify how are your CSS and Js is working on various devices.

Depending on the device, browser, etc, the CSS Library sometimes there are compatibility issues that need tweaked.

For example what iOS version, browser version, and things like that you have to consider.

Normally the CSS Library or the JS Library websites will have the fixes for various browsers.