Latest release error - 3.3.16


I’ve downloaded the latest zip release 3.3.16 from here

I’ve dropped it into my local web server, but got the following 2 errors.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cake\Cache\Cache::setConfig() in C:\Users\www\xxx\config\bootstrap.php on line 151


Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cake\View\ViewBuilder::setTemplatePath() in C:\Users\www\xxx\src\Controller\ErrorController.php on line 56

What do I need to change to resolve the errors?


Hi there,

3.4.5 is actually the latest version, 3.3.16 was a patch release for the 3.3 branch. You can download it from

Seems like the 3.3.16 release package is using the 3.4 application skeleton. BTW, it is always better to install and update CakePHP using composer (

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve always just downloaded the zip for CakePHP 1 and 2 previously and dropped it where I want it to run, Just as convenient to using Composer for me.

I have just tried using ‘Oven’ and managed to get a working version,

Thanks again.