Is there any documentation on StringTemplates in Cakephp3

I recently learnt to create custom helpers and i came across the following lines of code in the helper docs:

use StringTemplateTrait;

protected $_defaultConfig = [
    'errorClass' => 'error',
    'templates' => [
        'label' => '<label for="{{for}}">{{content}}</label>',

(I don’t know how to use this template yet)

What i want to do is to develop a MenusHelper that will take up an array of nested children and will create a multilevel menu. But I want it to be flexible enough so users can add custom html before and after the “ul’s” and “li’s”.

I searched for StringTemplate & StringTemplateTrait but did not get anything else other than just the api guide.

So I have these question is mind:

  1. Am i looking for the right thing?
  2. If yes, Where can i get more help to understand these concepts?

You can check PaginatorHelper for reference which uses string templates to generating paging links.