Installing CakePHP on Existing Web Environment Instance

Apologies if this is a silly question. I’ve never used a PHP framework before, just used MVC frameworks in other languages that were already installed and configured.

I noticed that installing CakePHP creates a whole other environment with its own public html directory. I was wondering if it is possible to install and configure CakePHP on a LAMP development environment that already has all the environment and www folder?

There are already built applications, a portal for customers, and I was thinking of building just one part of the application, a new feature, using CakePHP just to learn and “test” how it is before using in other features of the application.

The existing application will still use the same methods without the MVC framework, and the new feature would use CakePHP as needed.

Thank you!

if current application is cakephp then create plugin for that app, elseif not cakephp create new folder end install new cakephp web app

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