Inserting new Page in already created CakePhp Application

Hi. I want to insert a new page in an application that uses CakePHP. I already have a LoginPage to the application. As of now, a different page loads after logging in. I want the new page to load after I log into the application.
Can someone tell me how to go about it in detail as I am new to CakePHP.

Please clarify your question.

Do you have an exisitng application what is not CakePHP and you want to build up on it a CakePHP application?

I have an existing application that works on CakePHP.
I just want to insert a new page(Html View) into the application.
The new page should appear just after logging into the application.

If it is a page (static) just create a file for it at /src/Template/Pages/pagename.ctp A home.ctp is there you can use it as an example.

If it has dinamic content create the controller action and the corresponding template file for it.

Than use a redirect in your controller where you handle login. If you use a plugin for this (like cakeDC/users) chack there how to set up the redirect.

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