Insert custom value into table

Hi, i want to insert a number of hours input by the user multiplied by a multiplier in a column in a database. Is there a way to do this with cake php

thank you.

There are multiple ways. Which one is right would depend on your use case. Can you tell us more about the specifics? Do you save the hours in one field and this in another, for example. Anything relevant you can provide about database schema, input form, etc. will help you to get a good answer.

The hours are saved in the same table as the rest of the form. The time to multiply is obtained by substracting a start time to an end time (i also dont know how to do this) . Both are of type time in the database(mysql) . Cake php version is version 2

So, the form has a start and end time, which are both saved in the database, and you also want to calculate the difference, then multiply that difference by something to get a result that you want to save in the same row of the table? Where does the something you multiply come from? Does it depend on some other value from the form or is it a single constant? And the final result that you get and store, do you need to run queries against that, or is it just something you’ll display later on?

If there are other questions that I haven’t asked, but are important in order to fully understand the situation, please include that information too. There’s still entirely too much guesswork here to answer with any confidence. Help us to help you!

I managed to do it on my own . Sorry if i wasnt clear enough my english is not so good
Thank you for taking the time to try to help me