Infinite Scroll (Ajax)-Pagination

Hey! I am trying to implement a infinite scroll (Ajax)-pagination into my cakephp app but i have a small issue with the URL. How can I avoid that the URL changes from e.g. “http://localhost/cakeblog/city/view/1
to “http://localhost/cakeblog/city/viewcomment/1?page=2” after I scroll?

“viewcomment” is a function/view inside of my city controller and i load it into a view with jquery ( $(’#pagination-container’).load(“http://localhost/cakeblog/city/viewcomment/1?page=2”); )

The URL should only change from “http://localhost/cakeblog/city/view/1” to “http://localhost/cakeblog/city/view/1?page=2” and the function/view that i use should be invisible…

The js script for the infinite scroll is called “infinite-scroll.pkgd” Infinite Scroll PACKAGED v3.0.6

Any ideas?