Idea for revision/history entities

I looking-for some idea solutions for creating behavior for revisions/historic edit entities.

I prepare some behavior for this. It’s works on CakePHP 3, based on behavior beforeSave callback.
If some field changed, then created new record (with fill parent_id field) instead edit/update existing.
This is very simple solutions and it is satisfactory to me. I show the part of behavior code below:

public function beforeSave(Event $event, EntityInterface $entity)
    if (!$entity->isNew()) {
        if ($this->_table->hasField('id')) {
            // Set primary key to parent_id field
            $entity->parent_id = $entity->id;
            // Remove primary key

But what with relations?

I have relations (both has attached this behaviors):
Products hasMany ProductParams
ProductParams belongsTo Products

Problem #1:
Products (id = 1, parent_id = null, ...) has ProductParams (id = 100, parent_id = null, product_id = 1, ...)

Now, I edit Products and will create new Products (id = 2, parent_id = 1, ...) and this is okey, but when i show = 2 it will not have a relationship with ProductParams.

Idea: I think the good will be use something like trigger to create new record of ProductParams with update field product_id and set to 2, but how do this?

Problem #2:
ProductsParams (id = 100, ..., product_id = 1) belongs to Product (id = 1, ...)

Now I edit ProductParams and will create new ProductParams (id = 101, parent_id = 100, ...), but when I show = 1 it will has = 101, but oryginaly should be display 100. The perfect solution of this wil be great to also create new record of Product.

This is question is only for talking about ideas:)