I want to count all users and posts in admin.ctp from post and user table thnxx

<?php echo $this->Paginator->counter(array( 'format' => __('{:count}') )); ?>

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A little bit of feedback, please refrain from having stuff like “plz let me know thnxx” in the title :stuck_out_tongue:
While not against the community rules (as far as I’m aware) but it just doesn’t look very professional :slight_smile:
You can thank people for their help in the topic itself :wink:

As for the question itself, what is the output you want to get as opposed to what you’re getting?
We could use some more information on what you’re trying to do so we can help you better.

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i want to count users table data in admin.ctp

What have you already tried?
What is the output you want to get?

Please give us more data to work with

completed the task thnkuu