I need to do token based authentication

I have followed this link https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/tutorials-and-examples/cms/installation.html and create a cms. I want to change the login system disabling the has password. Please help. Thank you.

Sorry, not an answer, but thanks, I never saw that tutorial before :slight_smile:

By token-based you mean you want to access it like an API for a JavaScript front-end?

there is nice tutorial for JWT token based login http://www.bravo-kernel.com/2015/04/how-to-add-jwt-authentication-to-a-cakephp-3-rest-api/

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no mention. I mean token based authentication in cakephp.

yeah thanks. I have followed. There are a lot of thing that i don’t need in this tutorial. this tutorial is very difficult to follow. i am not getting the excite things needed.

This might help with the tokens, basically uses a JWT (Java Web Token) along with Multidots’ API plug-in.

(the link on github isn’t working at the moment, this is mean to be the link I think)

thank you for sharing it.

https://tutel.me/c/programming/questions/41143395/cakephp+3+api+does+not+authenticate+user+token this link help me completing the task

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If you are using the simple Token from the Authentication plugin, you have to store your valid tokens in a database:

Also, look into this plugin if you want to generate tokens: