I installed postgresql server on windows 10 machine that database remote access to my network how to do that ? Please suggest me any idea

I have install the PostgreSQL sever on window 10 machine.I want that database remotely access to my other developers but don’t know how to do that I used same process Ubuntu machine that works perfectly. now machine is Windows 10 Please any one help me

This sounds 100% like a PostgreSQL question, and 0% a CakePHP question.

Yes Sir, This is not the cakephp Problem.But We are using database as PostgreSQL so I want Setup Such environment on local machine So I want need help in this issue.
Thank You reply.

My point is, you’d presumably get better help going to a Postgres group for this than a Cake group. Your dentist might know how to change the oil in your car, but your mechanic definitely will.

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In the Postgres configuration file you give permission to external connections. pg_hba.conf

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