I have 3 tables having deep realtionship and need to know how to save data in all tables from one view

I have 3 tables say sales, sale_details & sale_more_details. sale has many sale details, sale details belongs to sale and sale details has many sale more details and sale more details belongs to sale details.
I wan a save related data to respective tables using the add.ctp fo sale.So, please help me in doing this task. Please treat me as newbies in cakephp 3.7. Thanks in advance to all of you.

Have you done the tutorial and read the manual, in particular the parts about associated records? They deal with exactly this sort of thing, and are where all newbies should start.

Please provide me the links i should refer. Also, is there any video on this topic.

Here is the tutorial. The tags and users section talks about associations. And here is the manual section about associations.

There may well be videos about this; here is a resource you might use to find them.

Thanks, I will go through it.