I can't understand about TaggedController could not be found

Good morning, it’s my first time doing cakephp, I was following the documentation of cakephp to understand the tutorial of creating bookmarks (in Spanish, of course) followed well the examples until I have an error, was the Missing method in bookmarks controller. (There I got to the part of getting bookmarks with a specific tag) I just added the tags function, but the error still persists on “tagged”. this is what I don’t understand, can you help me?

I’ll add the image to understand what im saying:

Try delete router scope for bookmarks…

What’s the exact URL that’s giving you this error?

I think your scope is wrong, try something like this:

Router::scope('/bookmarks', function ($routes) {
    $routes->connect('/tagged/*',['controller'=>'Bookmarks', 'action'=>'tags']);