Https not working properly on my site


Hello to everyone,

We have created one website type of auction for our country and i was trying to enable or force redirect all http traffic to https:// , i re-configured my core.php file and i defined https;// there…

when i type it’s still working with http not going automatically to https … i tried to fix this using .htaccess but not working

when i type manually it works and in the browser “https” looks green as to other websites… but when i access my website through https:// it’s limiting some functions for example :
when i try to post any product and when i want to upload image it’s not allowing me, categories of all products are looking empty and so…

any one have any idea how to fix this?



You are purchased domain with SSL certificate with https. So you can contact with your Domain customer care and you can change to https to http.
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No needs to buy with SSL domain, you must set it up by yourself. Depending which server you have, you can use Let’sEncrypt project and adjust your .htaccess. Or buying a SSL certificate or order one free for one year with StartSSL (but better with Let’s encrypt, easier to manage) :wink:

You can even edit your htaccess from let’sencrypt command and then you will be all time redirected to https :wink: