How to show FormHelper validation errors in specific view template

Hi everybody. Is it possible to show FormHelper validation errors of a controller::action in different view template rather than the conventional one.

Example: showing edit action validation errors in view template. Thanks in advance.

Is the getError function what you’re looking for? Have you looked at the FormHelper code to see how it displays errors? There’s nothing magical in there.

Thanks Zuluru for replying.

Upon submit FormHelper automatically generates errors in case there are any and shows them in their conventional view template. Example: edit action form errors will be shown on edit.php template.

In my case I don’t have separate edit template because edit form resides inside ‘profile.php template’ acting as bootstrap modal, and when I submit the data it works if there are no errors.

But when there are errors CakePHP tries to render edit template which doesn’t exist… So my question is: is it possible to make CakePHP show form errors inside profile template form instead?

It’s not clear to me if your problem is that the form isn’t showing errors you know are present, or if the wrong template is being rendered when there are errors.

Errors aren’t rendering

In general the errors will be detected and rendered automatically because of some background management that is going on. This is possible because the naming/nesting structure of the form’s $context data matches the naming/nesting structure of the input html element’s name attribute.

If you maintain this mapping, the errors ‘should’ render automatically regardless of the template or element that contains the Form output code. There are these tools to help if things aren’t quite working.

Rendering the wrong template

If you’re controller is just rendering the wrong template when errors exist, you may need to tell the controller action exactly which template you want.

Other caveats

I think the View block system causes problems with Forms and error rendering though. The blocks get rendered outside of the scope of the Form and so the $context isn’t right. But if you’re not using View blocks, then no worries.

Yeah I made sure that the ‘form $context’ data matches the naming structure of the input html element’s name attribute.

As I said the form of UsersController::edit action resides inside ‘templates/Users/view.php’, it works well when I submit the form data and there are no errors. But when there are errors CakePHP tries to render ‘templates/Users/edit.php’ which doesn’t exist to show errors there instead of showing them inside view.php form.

I hope these screenshots👇will clarify the problem. Thanks.

So your problem is really not “how to show errors” but “how to render a different template”. Seems like your problem lies in the edit function, which you haven’t shown us code for. If you’re not doing anything in there to change what template it uses, then what you’re seeing is exactly as expected. The solution is to use something like $this->viewBuilder()->setTemplate('view');

As you stated, $this->viewBuilder()->setTemplate(‘view’) solved the problem…Thanks

Hello. I had the same problem, but I solved it with this explanation.

Thank you.