How to send bulk email without spamming Using CakePhp

I Have Application Developed in Cakephp. I had 100k Plus register user on website My Client wants to Send Repaid notifying Emails to all users on 2 to 3 times in a week but Problem is that He Want all Those users Should get Notifying Mails just within an hour. Is there is Any repaid Process that i can use

MailChimp ? This is an external service provider.

If you want to send from your app, you will need to make sure your domain that you send email from is setup in a good way, to avoid the spam filter:

I send 100k+ every day, and I can say all isues related with “SPAM box” is in your email server. CakePHP is client only (sure you have to set headers like List-Unsubsribe in Cake), but DKIM, SPF - it’s server part.
Your email administrator has to know how to resolve it, some time for new servers need time for “reputation”.

I would suggest using on of the many bulk mail providers. Mailgun, SendGrid or Amazon’s SES are all fantastic services that take care of 99% of the hard work for you.

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MailChimp is one of the most popular of these at the moment, however, such services can get pricey, depending on the volume.

like @Ruslan already said, stuff like DKIM and SPF is more important.
CakePHP can use SMTP to connect to SMTP-enabled services (which is pretty much any service), what happens inside the SMTP-server is more important than the connection to the SMTP server (just make sure you use something like SSL/TLS to not get your credentials sniffed out).

If you know how to setup DKIM, SPF and get a good reputation for your domain and/or IP, then doing it yourself might be a cheaper option, though it will take more time and effort, and might die out on you without notice.
If you don’t know how to set that stuff up or don’t want to do it, then go with services like MailGun, SendGrid, MailChimp of Amazon SES.
There are a boatload of these services, though I’d highly recommend sticking with one of the more popular ones.
I generally go with MailChimp myself.

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Like MailChimp i want my Custom system How can i setup, can you Guide Me
I can Afford Server side resource etc

Sorry man, can’t really help you with that in detail.
However, in a really barebones setup, one can just put everybody on the mailing list in a database, then build a model (or let bake handle the building for the model), then use the CakePHP email class to build the mail.
You can then load all recipients from your mailing list and add them as Bcc to your mail using $email->addBcc($recipient, $name);.

I have tried instant bulk smtp for sending bulk email and i have got good result.