How to save a lot of lines at same time in data base with cakephp 3.8?

I have an app the control some processes in a school. Actualy I have a page to insert students grade one by one in each school subject, but I need to create a form to insert the grade of a entire school class at same time.
How I can do this form and how to save it in cakephp 3.8?

There’s saveMany if performance isn’t a issue 1.

updateAll is efficient way to update many columns in one swoop 2. But from the top of my head it bypasses a lot of model hooks incl. validation (don’t quote me on that). At least I treat it that way. Read the documentation and use with care.

You could create a modelless form 3, extract the request data and call those as appropriate.

Thanks, I will try this…