How to load a table object in another table object?

In CakePHP 4.0 I need to use a table object in another table object. How can I do it ? Thx

There’s at least 3 different ways to go about that. Can you give more specifics? Most importantly, at the two tables associated with each other?

Non, it is not associated, i need smth like $articles = $this->loadModel(‘Users’) in Model not in Controller

If they’re not associated, you could use:

$this->TableName = TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get(‘TableName’);

Most of the time I need to use this, I realize that I’m writing code in the wrong place.

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As @mvojwe indicates, the table locator is one way. In fact the LocatorAwareTrait makes this more convenient and testable than the static TableRegistry

class SomeTable extends Table
   use LocatorAwareTrait;

   public function __construct() {
      $this->ExtraTable = $this->fetchTable('Extra');
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This! From an architectural perspective, accessing non-associated tables from within tables usually indicates a possible flaw in your application logic.