How to integrate color picker in Cakephp

Hi everyone, I have been working on a project related to CakePHP and want to know your views on to integrating color picker in Cakephp which consist of many colors picker jquery plugins. I am also very curious about various other java programming questions and answers because I also got stuck in some java issues, that is why I am looking for such a platform where the evolving community can help me to resolve my queries.

There’s nothing really unusual about implementing a color picker in CakePHP - just choose the jquery plugin that suits you best and use the chosen hex/rgb/hsb value on the select event to populate the value of the (possibly hidden) designated input element in your form (or use ajax to send the color value to an action that saves it).

I suspect that you are referring to Javascript when you say Java… They are very, very different things (apart from the name) so be sure to say Javascript or JS for short.

This forum isn’t really for JS/jQuery, but it’s much more widely used than CakePHP, that’s why you can find an answer for almost any conceivable question on sites like StackOverflow :slight_smile: