How to Install a library third party

I am a newbie. This is my first application with cakephp. I need to get the title of the pdf but I couldn’t find a function in cakephp. I’m trying to install pdfparsor, a third-party library, but don’t know how. I am trying to install it in the vendor folder with composer but with no success … anyway i cant see how to use it in my controller … can someone help me?
Excuse me for my bad English. I hope I have been clear enough; )
Thank you for your help

Can you show us what you’ve used to “install it in the vendor folder with composer”, and explain what “with no success” means?

thank you Zuru for your answer.
I have a pdfparsor folder in the cakephp vendor which contains another vendor folder which contains an autoupload.php
I tried in my controller to join it with App :: import (‘Vendor’, ‘pdfcreator’); but phpcake gives me an error message … I don’t understand how to install a third party library in cakephp. Is this possible or should it be written especially for cakephp. As standalone pdfparsor works impeccably but can I use it within cakephp ???

You originally said you used composer to install this, but your response mentions nothing about composer. If you used it, can you share the command line you used? If you didn’t, why did you say you did?

You say Cake gives you an error message. What error message, specifically?

You say you’re using “a pdfparsor”, but not which one. I don’t get any results for “pdfparsor”, but lots of things for “pdfparser”, which lead to many different packages.

Your import line mentions “pdfcreator”, but creating and parsing are sort of opposites of each other. I get lots of search results for “pdfcreator” as well, which again lead to multiple different things.

Without specifics of what you’re trying to use, how you have installed it, and what errors you get when you do any of these things, we’re really just guessing, and we mostly have better things to do with our time. Help us to help you!

yes, excuse me
it’s pdfparsor and not pdfcreator
the library is that : pdfparser . org

I have a lot of trouble
I read the doc of pdfparsor in my application folder, in the console cmd, I typed : composer require smalot/pdfparser
I had the followed message :

I went to github and I downloded the zip and I created in the vendor folder of phpcake a pdfparsor folder, I unzipped the zip in this folder. In the console cmd I typed composer update and I had this message :

I know it’s not like that but I don’t understand how to do it…

From the composer output, it seems that the library has dependencies which in turn require PHP 7.3, and you’re running 7.2. So, there may be nothing you can do manually to get this to work. Upgrade your PHP to 7.3, and try composer again.

Hi Zuluru,

Great, It works !

I updated my wampserver and pdfparsor is installed without problem with composer.
This was the first time I used composer and cakephp and I was a little confused. Sometimes the evidence is in front of you and you don’t see it.
Thank you for your precious help.